Research projects:

 The success of an educational institution in attaining its objectives is greatly contingent upon the alignment of the faculty with all the aspects of research initiatives, being undertaken at the institute. Department of Chemistry, St.Albert’s College (Autonomous)was identified as an approved research centre of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam in 2000.The department is trying to create an environment to conduct top-level research and it specializes in both fundamental and applied research. The department has 15 faculty members and 13 of them are having their doctoral degrees from prestigious institutes in India and abroad. The department has 5 research guides and 18 PhD students working under them.


Projects undertaken:

  1. Synthesis of dinucleotide analogues as potential antiviral agents (Dr.Krishnakumar K. S, Funding Agency: UGC)
  1. Hydroamination and Hydroarylation of OlefinesCatalyzed by Electrophilic Platinum Complexes (Dr.RajeshKunjanpillai, Funding Agency: DST-SERB)
  1. Seasonal dynamics of nutrients and chlorophyll: A concentration in a tropical estuary (Dr. Vijay John Gerson, Funding Agency: UGC)
  1. A study of the ground water quality of Cheranallurpanchayat with special reference to concentration of iron (Dr. Nify Benny, Funding Agency: UGC)
  1. Studies on utilization of waste automobile tyre reclaim as rubber vulcanization ingredient in chloroprene rubber vulcanization system (Dr. P. A. Nelson, Funding Agency: UGC)
  1. Preparation and characterization of barium ferrite by Sol Gel method (Dr. M. A. Solomon, Funding Agency, UGC)
  1. Schiff bases as promising reagents for metal ion removal (Dr. Saji John, Funding Agency: UGC).
  1. Studies on a novel curing systems for microwave curing of rubber (Sri. Abraham Koshy, Funding Agency: UGC)
  1. Investigation into the applicability of chitin and chitosan for the removal and recovery of heavy metals from laboratory and industrial effluents (Dr. Ravi Divakaran, Funding Agency: UGC)
  2. Environmental pollution caused by chemical laboratories (Dr. Cyriac Mathew, Funding Agency: UGC)