Open Houses of 2nd Semester UG and PG

The Open Houses of 2nd Semester UG and PG classes were conducted on  6th March 2020.  Parents of students of  B.Sc Chemistry (Model I) and  B.Sc Industrial Chemistry (Model II) and I M.Sc participated.  Dr.M.A.Solomon, Head of the Department of Chemistry, addressed the parents. Tutor of B.Sc Chemistry (Model I) Dr. Nify Benny, Tutor of B.Sc Chemistry (Model II) Sri.Alex Kuriakose and Tutor of I M.Sc Dr.M.A.Solomon briefed the parents about the students progress and their weakness. The marks obtained in the First End Semester Examinations were informed to the parents. Students having low attendance were also informed to the parents to monitor its progress.