Ph. D. Program. offered in the following areas

Environmental Biology
Plant Physiology
Algal biology and Taxonomy
Applied Botany and Mycology
Molecular biology
Genetic engineering

Research projects:

  • K Madhusudanan. -Nutritional and Biochemical Studies of Wild Edible Mushrooms
    used by Tribes of Palghat and Wayanad Districts of Kerala. Agency: KSCSTE (3 years – completed)
  • Anna Ancy Antony. – (Early Career Research Award) Taxonomy and Molecular phylogeny of the genus Heliotropium L. (Boraginaceae) in India, 15/05/2018, Rs.27,97,162/-. SERB (3 years – ongoing)
  • Dr Anisha S. – “Isolation and therapeutic characterization of lactoferrin peptides”
    Agency : KSCSTE (2 years: Ongoing)
  • Dr J Jameson. – Allelopathic effect of Albizia Saman with special emphasis on isolation and identification of potent allelopathic substances. File No. / Letter No. : 00860 /SPS 64/2019/KSCSTE 2020

Facilities available/ Unique facilities available:

• Research Microscope with camera attachments.
• Gel Doc system.
• Cooling Centrifuge.
• Microtome’s ; sledge and rotary.
• Hot air oven.
• Distillery.
• Ph meter.
• Soxhlet apparatus.
• Tissue culture lab.
• On line digital herbarium.