Board of Studies

Regular up gradation of the curriculum and syllabus
The Board of Studies in Botany (UG) recognizes that curriculum, course content and assessment of scholastic achievement play complementary roles in shaping education. The restructured Curriculum for Undergraduate and Post graduate Programmes of Botany envisages Education as a combination of general and specialized education, simultaneously introducing the concepts of breadth and depth in learning. It also stresses learning to learn rather than learning of specific lessons. The attempt is to prepare the
students for lifelong learning by drawing attention to the vast world of knowledge of plants and introducing him/her to the methodology of systematic academic enquiry. With this in mind, we aim to provide a firm foundation in every aspect of Botany and to explain a broad spectrum of modern trends in Botany and to develop experimental, observational, computational skills also which lead him as an ambassador of sustainable
development of our country.

Department of Botany

(We are proud and united in propagation and promotion of the botanical interests on Earth)

St Albert’s College (Autonomous) Ernakulam.Kerala, India.


(As per UGC Regulations 2018)

Sl.No: Name Designation Qualification
1/1 Dr .J.Jameson (HOD) Associate Professor Ph.D
a)      Entire faculty of each specialization
1. Dr. J Jameson HOD and Associate Professor Ph.D
2. Dr. L. Jose Associate Professor Ph.D
3. Dr. Siju M. Varghese Assistant Professor Ph.D
4. Dr. K. Madhusudanan Assistant Professor Ph.D
5. Smt . Drishya K Reghuvaran Assistant Professor M.Sc
6. Smt. Mary joseph Assistant Professor M.Sc
  Dr. Anna Ancy Antony A Assistant Professor Ph.D
8. Dr. Anisha S Assistant Professor Ph.D
b)     Experts in the Subject: (two experts in the subject from outside the parent university to be nominated by Academic Council)
    1. Dr Cyril E A Assistant Professor Ph.D
    2. Dr. Jose Puthoor Associate Professor Ph.D
c)      Nominee of Vice Chancellor: one expert to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor from a panel of six experts recommended by the Principal

Dr. Jomy Augustine

S.H College, (Autonomous)  Ernakulam

HOD and Associate Professor Ph.D

Dr. Basil George

CMS College, Kottayam

Assistant Professor Ph.D

Dr. Manju M. George

U.C College, Aluva

Assistant Professor Ph.D
   4.  Dr. Jose John. HOD and Associate Professor Ph.D

Dr. Lizzy Mathew

St Teresa’s College, (Autonomous) Ernakulam

HOD and Associate Professor Ph.D

Dr. Shyam Kumar S

Maharaja’s College, (Autonomous)  Ernakulam

Assistant Professor Ph.D
d)     Placement Representatives: (one representative each from industry, corporate sector or allied area relating to placement)
  Sri. Jose .P Corporate Sector (Garden& Nursery)                 Designation
e)      Meritorious alumnus: (one meritorious alumnus to be nominated by the Principal/Chairman Board of Studies with the approval of Principal)

Dr. Stephen Sequeira,

Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam

Assistant Professor PhD
f)       Experts from outside whenever special courses of studies are to be formulated
1. Dr. Vinod Thomas Scientist ,Rubber Board of India,Kottayam  
     2. Mr Nikesh R Agricultural Officer MSc.
a)      Other Teachers of the College:
1. Dr Krishnakumar KS Assistant Professor PhD
 2. Dr. Bijoy V  M Assistant Professor PhD