Certificate Programmes


Department: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Credit: 2

Duration of the course:  30 days (6 months)

Semester: 5th semester

Total hours: 30 hours

Course Fee: 2500


  • To develop young BBA aspirants into professional managers who can contribute to the growth of business and industry
  • To nurture entrepreneurial skills among young generation and make them effective change agents
  • To encourage students to turn in to entrepreneurs.
  • To contribute towards better management practices in the country and the world by offering quality management education

Motto of the course

                              “Be a job provider rather than a job seeker”


Module 1: Business Organization

Nature and Scope of Business, Forms of business, Types of organizational structure, Departmentation: Centralization and Decentralization and Business promotion        (5 hours)

Module 2: Opportunities in Business

Identification of business opportunities for small business: Business plan preparation: screening of project ideas; Environment scanning: Institutions supporting small business enterprise, Government regulatory framework for small business.        (10 hours)

Module 3: Financing of Business and Listing in Stock Exchanges

Methods of raising finance and listing in stock exchanges   (3 hours)

Module 4: Computer skills and Digital Marketing

     Basics of MS. Word, Excel, and Web designing: Marketing product or service through online (12 hours:  5 theory Class and 7 Practical classes)

Facilities required

  1. Faculties
  2. One class room with LCD projector
  3. Computer lab

Details regarding the course

  1. Name of the course: Venture Management
  2. Duration: 6 months ( 30days)
  3. Fee: 2500
  4. Total expenses : Rs. 21000
  • 25*800= 20000 faculty expenses
  • 1000 stationary expenses
  • Total :21000
  1. Expected number of students : 20
  2. Expected revenue
  • Revenue : 20*2500= 50000
  • Expense : Rs. 21000
  • Income : 29000 or Minimum 25000 after all expenses